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  • How much do markers and monuments cost?
    The cost will start at $400 for a flat marker (including lettering), $700 for a 16” slant and about $1000 for an upright monument (including lettering and installation – assuming we can do the installation). The color of granite, size and number of polishes all affect the cost.
  • How long does it take to get a marker or monument?
    Our average delivery time is 7-8 weeks for anything we have in stock. We stock over 5000 monuments/markers and therefore, as long you pick something from our inventory we WILL have it done in 4-7 weeks – sometimes even sooner. Non stock items usually take longer.
  • Do I have to clean my marker or monument?
    While it is not necessary to clean/wash your new monument/marker it will help keep dirt and grime from accumulating on the surface. Most dirt/grime on stones are superficial and can therefore be cleaned away with a soap, water and nylon bristle brush.
  • Why is there a charge for adding a date after the memorial is placed in the cemetery?
    We have always charged a fee to add dates to monuments/markers, if stones are already in the cemetery. We have no way of predicting what the cost might be next year or 25 years from now for gas, mileage labor and materials. Please call for time and/or cost estimates.
  • How do you add dates after the memorial is placed in the cemetery?
    We have a portable air compressor that is hauled to the cemetery. Our employee does this field work in the evenings and on weekends by driving to the cemetery and completing the work on-site.
  • What area do you cover?
    We cover about 80 miles out from our location in all directions. We cover a very large area with no set guidelines. It is common for us to go as far south as Faribault/Owatonna, north as far as North Branch, east as far as Eau Claire and the entire St. Paul/Minneapolis area. However, we have on many occasions gone farther out than the above listed cities.
  • How do I go about buying a memorial?
    You should simply call us at 715-425-5656 or stop in to our office located very conveniently on Hwy. 35, just south of I94 and North of River Falls. We have area representatives that have many years of experience with us that can also help you.
  • How come your prices are so reasonable compared to other places?
    Simply, we work very hard to be cost efficient. We are an old family business that believes in a strong work ethic while providing quality work. We also buy granite in quantity and negotiate for the best deals. This is partly why we have 5000 monuments/markers in stock because if we think we can get a good deal by purchasing in quantity, we will – TO SAVE YOU MONEY!
  • How do I clean old family stones that are dirty or weathered?
    Its best to start with a stiff nylon bristle brush and soap/water. If this doesn’t solve the problem, we recommend using bleach/water (about 50/50 solution of water to bleach – DO NOT USE BLEACH ON BLACK STONES). Always be sure to rinse immediately and never let the bleach dry on the stone. Another alternative is to use a pressure washer on a low setting. IN ALL CASES – be sure and test in an inconspicuous spot first to make sure it isn’t doing any damage.
  • What if a stone that Melgard’s installed is tipping or settling?
    Please call us because we will straighten it free of charge for 10 years after installation. There will be a small trip charge and labor charge if it’s our stone and been in the cemetery for more than 10 years. We consider fixing other company’s stone’s or very old ones on a case by case evaluation. We usually want a photo supplied to us with some measurements.
  • What type of foundation do you install for a monument or marker?
    When at all possible, we use granite foundations, but flush markers must be installed using cement.
  • What is the difference between a hand etching/laser etching and sandblast art?
    Etching refers to the highly detailed art done by a graphic designer with a Dremel tool and a diamond bit. Our designer etches everything freehand and takes her about 1 day per etching. The work has a grey scale appearance that shows more highlights than traditional sandblast art. Outdoor scenes are usually best done by hand etchings. We prefer to do portraits and certain other images by a laser machine.
  • How expensive are the highly detailed etchings?
    If a family decides to add the highly detailed etchings, we only charge what the designer charges. We do not charge additional fees. We believe strongly in the beauty of these etchings and we want to make them affordable. Usually, our designer charges $425 for a full scene. Many other companies charge $600-$1000 for this exact service. Also, the work is entirely custom and will be done to the customer’s specifications. There is NO additional charge for sandblasted scenes, but typically any additional detail is limited because of the stencil product used.
  • Is there one type of lettering that is better than another?
    We believe in carving our lettering deep into the stone. Specific granite colors calls for specific types of lettering. However, we sandblast the letters deep – particularly for the family name, first names and dates. Many companies have adopted the less-expensive method of lightly carving letters, which saves time and money, but won’t necessarily last.
  • Is one type of granite better than another?
    Generally speaking, the dark colored granites provide greater contrast to the lettering. Also, dark colored granites will change to a natural gray tone when sandblasted so the contrast is very natural and will last thousands of years since no painting is involved. In comparison, light gray granites tend to show moisture when wet and also have NO natural contrast so often paint is involved to create a contrast to show the lettering. And paint will only last so long.
  • When do you install monuments and markers?
    We do installations of monuments and markers starting around April 1 and ending sometime in early December, depending on the weather. If we get a large snowfall prior to December, our installations may cease for the year. Frost in the ground will also slow/stop our installations in the Spring and Fall depending on the depth of frost in the ground. However, we sell and letter stones throughout the Winter and offer special savings for customers who purchase during the Winter months, when we aren’t as busy.
Frequently Asked Questions
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