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Service Work

We also offer services in the field of cleaning monuments, restoring older monuments, and adding lettering to existing monuments. Monuments get dirty. We can come in and clean off grass, lichens and dirt and in most cases leave the monument looking like new. Please contact us for our timeline and fees for these services.


Over time the lettering on some older marble monuments starts to wear away. We have the ability to take off the original lettering and letter the monument with the original design and the end result is a clean, brand new look to the original monument. We also have the ability to go to the cemetary and add lettering and dates as needed to existing memorials.

All of these services are part of our business and prices vary. If you are in need of any of these services please call and ask for a price quote; we would be happy to assist you. If at any time a monument purchased from Melgard Monument Co. Inc. would happen to tip or settle, we will fix it at no charge to the customer for the first ten years.  This is our guarantee.

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